Monday, February 25, 2013

2013: The Year Of...

When I turned 30 last year, I declared that this was going to be the year of doing stuff. My girlfriend and I were going to run more half marathons -- and actually train for them. The one in October, the Cape Cod Half Marathon, was a flop. We ran it cold turkey. (Talk about horrible preparation! Never again will I run sans training!) I was going to finally sign up for yoga teacher training (check! It starts in April -- YAY!). And...well...we were just going to do stuff. You know, the stuff you always talk about doing but never actually end up accomplishing.

Cape Cod Half Marathon in October

Jamaica, mon!
A good hearty vacation was crossed off our list as Jason and I went on our first ever real vacation together, a delayed honeymoon to Jamaica. We were honestly worried that we wouldn't know how to fully relax but that fear was squashed to bits once we touched ground in Montego Bay. For five days, we planted our butts in the sand and left them there. It was truly amazing and allowed us to empty our brains completely (save deciding on what exactly we were going to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snacks in between). We talked about life, we laughed (a lot), we smiled, we were. We also did a lot of talking about how we should be making the time in our life to travel. It's not easy, but surely we would be able to save some money and allot some time to getting away. But then we came back home to life and responsibilities. And somehow over the course of two months, I've managed to forget how I imagined it was all possible to make that time.

So as I sit here and write a post about how 2013 is going to be the year that I do stuff, I am starting to wonder exactly what the rest of that stuff is. What do I want to look back on when I prepare to greet 2014? And how do I know if I've succeeded? What does success mean to me, anyway? Is it money? Is it reaching a certain professional level? Is it finding that thing that I was meant to do in life, that true dream job?

I thought I left this all behind in my twenties. Oh, 30, you sly devil. You almost had me.

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